Systems Specs

System Requirements and Capabilities

  • The system uses a SQL database server which allows for many simultaneous users, intense reporting and data mining, and advanced searches, sorts, locates, filters and grouping on large data files without degradation in performance or reliability
  • If the program is going to be shared by multiple users, it requires a Windows Server 2000 or above
  • A stand alone version requires Windows XP or above
  • Work stations in a multi user environment require Windows XP or above
  • Diamond Dealer, Jewelry Store, Wholesaler, Retailer, Manufacturing, and Accounting Software combined into one system
  • The TJS RFID Zeroshrink scanners are integrated into the system, allowing functions that would take a long time if done manually, such as Stock Taking, Memos, Sales and Sales Returns, to be done in minutes
  • The system provides for hooks into QuickBooks, GemAccountant, or the Accounting system of your choice


  • Security in the program is controlled by UserID and Password access
  • Users are assigned to user groups where access to specific functions in the system are controlled
  • Database level security prevents un authorized access to data tables